Copyright:  for all BSoUP competitions, copyright remains with the photographer. BSoUP reserves the right to display your competition images on this website, on BSoUP’s social media pages, in BSoUP’s in-house magazine In Focus and in other publications where the subject of an article is about the competition itself, for the purposes of publicising the winners and to encourage entries in future competitions. Images will be credited to the photographer by markings on or adjacent to the image. BSoUP will not use competition images to generate revenue and any other uses will be pre-agreed with the photographers concerned.

Monthly competition themes for 2022

(you can find additional guidance in the events calendar under the appropriate month)

Macro Jan 

Bokeh Feb 

Theme portfolio Mar

Available light Apr

Circles May

Animal portrait Jun

Jul Close focus wide angle

Aug Conservation

Sep Underwater excellence

Oct Best of British

Nov Beginner’s portfolio

Dec Black & white