Judge, Paul Colley

Winner © Andy Deitsch

Title: Tagging Spotted Eagle Rays

Commentary: Mote Marine Lab has a multi-year study, tagging & tracking spotted eagle rays to understand their migration patterns in the Gulf of Mexico. The hope is that we can protect their breeding grounds.

Second © Peter Beardsley

Title: Unfortunate by-catch of crawfish tangle net

Commentary: Nil.

Third © Laura Storm

Title: Barbed Bling

Commentary: Until the rust sets in, it’s adapt or die for this unlucky reef dweller. So far, so good, it’s found a way to survive despite the fishing hook impairment. Sustainable fishing has a way to go.

Fourth © James Emery

Title: The Covid Compressor Divers

Commentary: Sahaung, Bangka Island. Local islanders have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 and have resorted to dangerous compressor diving to be able to survive.

Fifth © Rick Ayrton

Title: Ghost fish

Commentary: Fish caught in a lost fishing net on an unknown wreck south west of Plymouth. Lost nets take their toll on the environment but also the pocket of the fisherman who has to replace the equipment.

Sixth © Ollie Valasco

Title: A spear fisherman with his catch in Mozambique.

Commentary: A spear fisherman with his catch of an octopus and pufferfish in Guinjata Bay, Mozambique. Whilst it has a violent appearance, spearfishing is one of the most sustainable forms of fishing.

Commended Images

© Rob Bailey

Title: Lost Lobster Trap

Commentary: Nil

© Christine Grosart

Title: Surveying a ghost net and rescuing the crab

Commentary: Ghost Fishing UK diver surveys a 200 metre long gill net, lost on Hand Deeps for around a year. 118 animals found in the net, most alive and rescued.

© Rich Walker

Title: Ghost Hunting in Cornwall

Commentary: Fred and Emma from Ghost Fishing UK recover a lost trawl net from a wreck in Cornwall, UK. This was Emma’s first project with the team and Fred is supervising her work.

© Rick Francis

Title: Dawn of Coral Cribs

Commentary: CRIBs (Coral Rearing In-Situ Basins, aka coral kindergartens) are used to grow coral from larvae prior to distribution on the reef. Project by Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire at Buddy Dive Resort.

© Catherine Holmes

Title: Volunteer diver tending to a coral tree, Barbados

Commentary: CORALL reef alliance are a conservation organisation in Barbados that build coral trees. They attach the fragments of coral to man made trees until large enough to replant and regenerate reefs.