Image © Paul Colley, BIUPC Champion 2023

Great to be in partnership with BSAC for BIUPC 2024

BIUPC 2023 results/ image gallery

BIUPC 2024 will be on 14 September 2024

BIUPC engages the British and Irish underwater photography communities in a one day photography shoot out. It is accessible to people who live and dive in Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England, including the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Isles of Scilly and the other 5000 or so other islands around our shores. A late August/ early September on-the-day multi-location competition format reduces the logistic burden for competitors and encourages wide participation.

Photographers compete for a trophy in memory of one of BSoUP’s co-founders, the late Peter Scoones, and the title British & Irish Underwater Photography Champion.

Competitors can take and submit images electronically from anywhere within the UK and Ireland from 10pm on the Friday to 10pm Saturday. The competition is open to all underwater photographers of all nations.  But Images must be from any body of salt or fresh water in the seas, rivers, streams and lakes of UK and Ireland. PLEASE NOTE the special procedures in the camera set-up and image submission section (link above) about requirements to verify images.

BSoUP convenes a panel of judges during the week following the competition. We announce the results about 2-3 weeks after the competition in a live broadcast from the monthly BSoUP meeting after the competition.

BIUPC Points of Contact

Paul Colley, BIUPC lead, Vinny Colley, BIUPC competition secretary, [email protected]

BIUPC Judging Panel for 2024 to be announced