Image © Martin Kiely, BIUPC Champion 2021

BIUPC 2021 results/ image gallery

BIUPC 2022 will be late Aug/ early Sep 2022 – date to follow

BIUPC engages the British and Irish underwater photography communities in a one day photography shoot out. It is accessible to people who live and dive at different locations around Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland and England, including the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, the Isles of Scilly and the other 5000 or so other islands around our shores that are bounded by the Atlantic Ocean, the English Channel and the North Sea. A late August/ early September on-the-day multi-location competition format reduces the travel and cost burden for competitors, whilst encouraging participation commensurate with a championship.

Photographers compete for a trophy in memory of one of BSoUP’s co-founders, the late Peter Scoones, and the title British & Irish Underwater Photography Champion.

Images can be taken and submitted electronically from anywhere within the championship geographic boundary from 10pm on the Friday to 10pm Saturday. The competition is open to all underwater photographers of all nations, but images must be from any body of salt or fresh water in the seas, rivers, streams and lakes of Britain and Ireland. PLEASE NOTE the special procedures in the camera set-up and image submission section (link above) about requirements to verify image validity.

BSoUP convenes a panel of judges during the week following the competition. The results are announced about 2-3 weeks after the competition in a live broadcast from the monthly BSoUP meeting after the competition.

BIUPC Points of Contact

[email protected] – Nick Watson, BIUPC lead

[email protected] – Sarah White, BIUPC competition secretary

BIUPC Judging Panel for 2021

John Collins

John Collins is a passionate photographer with varied interests in lens-based practice, including underwater, landscape, urban and contemporary. A keen observer of light and life, John learned the craft of photography in commercial, wedding and portraiture, before moving to a career in healthcare. This gave him the flexibility to concentrate on personal projects, including his books ‘Cool Waters/Emerald Seas’ (2006), ‘Shortcut’ (2019) and numerous magazine features, commissions and Arts Festival projects.

‘We seek to understand by observing what is around us. Seeing the world, and our place in it, as slices of time and light is what compels visual expression. Meditative moments, intentionally drawn, drive my photographic vision. Exploring materials, optics and technology enables varied consideration of light and moment, sometimes predictably, but also unexpectedly. Nurturing a lifelong sense of wonder, and seizing opportunity as it arises, drives this compulsion to pause, interpret and float this vision out there.’

John holds a Certificate in Professional Photography (2001) and has more recently studied ‘Re-Approaching Photography’ with the Open College of the Arts. He works primarily with Micro Four Thirds system cameras but maintains a film-based practice using medium-format, pinhole and wet-plate collodion materials. John also enjoys sharing his experience and knowledge through presentations and workshops.

John lives in Kinsale, Ireland which he likens to St. Ives in Cornwall.  

Atanas Petrov

Atanas Petrov is originally from Bulgaria and grew up far away from the sea. However, his desire to learn to scuba dive was born during his childhood on a family summer holiday at the Black Sea coast. He managed to get his certificate when he was only 16 and has dived regularly since that time.

He became passionate about printing when he bought his first digital camera in 2005. He started with a small A4 printer and encountered, right from the start, the complex nature of digital printing. Nevertheless, he carried on in his pursuit of mastering his craft. He gradually built up his knowledge and experience, often printing for friends and colleagues, and ultimately printing commercially for a wider audience on canvas.

Atanas currently lives in Bourne, a small town close to Peterborough and is studying biomedical science in Cambridge.