Image © Trevor Rees, award winner BIUPC 2020 (close-up category)

Great to be in partnership with BSAC for BIUPC 2022

Every year there have been a small number of disqualifications due to competitors not entering BIUPC at the correct experience level.  Please apply this guidance carefully.

BSoUP identifies and encourages new talent in underwater photography.  It will select the best newcomer from all entries in the three main categories. The newcomer category is for somebody who is genuinely new to underwater photography.  It is not just for somebody who has not won or been placed in a significant competition.

Newcomers must have been taking underwater images for only THREE YEARS prior to the competition date. They can use any type of camera.

Additionally, newcomers must not have taken an underwater image that was placed or received an honourable mention in any national, international or other significant on-line or print competition. This includes:

  • All BSoUP monthly and annual competitions
  • The British Wildlife Photographer Awards
  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year
  • Royal Photographic Society competitions
  • Ireland Love Your Coast competition
  • Any equivalent international/ national or regional competitions including those run by BUPG, NUPG or similar groups

If in doubt, competitors should declare competition results and experience to the BIUPC competitions secretary.  Email [email protected] and ask for a ruling before submitting entry forms.