BIUPC 2021 now closed.  BIUPC 2022 entry forms will open first quarter 2022

Follow this simple BIUPC seven-step process for success

Step 1 – Check the rules, confirm your experience level

Make sure you accurately determine your experience level, which is a hard definition, not a personal judgement. Too many people have declared themselves beginners when they did not meet the strict criteria. The judges check, so please be objective. We’re looking to reward true newcomers to underwater photography, not just people who have not succeeded in competitions.

Definition of experience levels

Other rules and procedures

Step 2 – Pay and Register with BSoUP

Step 2a

For non-BSoUP members, please pay for a temporary BSoUP subscription first (£15) (how to do this will be updated soon).  Your temporary subscription includes the competition entry fee plus 3 months of wider BSoUP benefits, including access to all monthly meetings and magazine issues that fall in the period.  After paying, return here to complete the competition element of the registration process.

For BSoUP full members, please pay here for the BIUPC entry fee only (£10)

Your subscription and access to BSoUP benefits is automatic.  If you have any difficulties registering, please email [email protected] for assistance.

Step 2b – Register your details for the competition

Please follow the guidance closely for choice of newcomer or experienced photographer.  Newcomers are defined precisely in the rules; it is not a question of your personal judgement.

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Step 3 – Set up your cameras carefully on the day

BIUPC uses special procedures to validate that images were taken on the day of the competition. You must set all cameras that you intend to use to a random date that the organisers will publish by 10pm the evening prior to the competition. Then take a RAW image of the BIUPC unique picture that the organisers will also publish on social media and by email. Shoot RAW files for competition images on all cameras that you use, including for example any above-water cameras used in the Mankind’s Impact on the Environment category. Here’s the full procedure: Camera set-up and image submission

Step 4 – Dive and take your pictures

Step 5 – Process your images

Please abide by the post-processing rules.  Do not add or take anything from the image, including backscatter.

Step 6 – Upload your images here by 10pm on the day of the competition

You can enter 2 images split between your chosen categories (wide-angle, close-up or restricted) plus a third image in the mankind’s impact category.

All initial submissions must be jpegs at 1400 pixels long edge and 300dpi.  NO WATERMARKS.  Please keep your RAW files including your BIUPC unique image for verification.

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Step 7 – Wait for the results

The judging panel will convene the week following the competition to decide category and overall winners and runners-up. The results are announced live at the BSoUP monthly meeting following the event (3rd Tuesday of the month). Although meetings are normally closed to non-BSoUP members, all BIUPC participants are most welcome to attend and will be sent the link and password by email. Winning images are published in BSoUP’s magazine In Focus and in selected dive magazines. 

Good luck and thank you for participating!