Image © Rick Ayrton

BSoUP’s principal interest is in underwater photography.  But those who record life in marine and freshwater habitats are inevitably exposed to the fragility of these environments.  Many feel they have a responsibility to take care of them.  To that end, we invite members to engage with environmental issues where it makes sense.  Not least because we create images that can have a powerful effect.  We encourage all underwater photographers to follow the underwater photographer code of conduct, an initiative by BSoUP and the Marine Conservation Society.  The British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) also strive to protect the underwater environment and have a similar code for their members to follow.

BSoUP is exploring how we might better use images in conservation.  We have two events that invite members to focus their images on the issues.  The British and Irish Underwater Photography Championship has a dedicated conservation category.  And we assign one of our monthly competitions to the subject of conservation.

Finally, we have a blog dedicated to conservation written by Georgie Bull.  Georgie is a keen conservationist and former winner of the British and Irish Underwater Photography Championship.  So if you have an interest in conservation, follow the links below!