Image © Rick A Francis

BSoUP is a not-for-profit organisation that helps its members create great underwater images, regardless of member experience level or photography equipment.  Our extensive network of experienced underwater photographers provides expert advice and encouragement to newcomers and inspires others to improve their photography.  You can learn about the benefits of BSoUP membership at this page.

We hold monthly meetings on line from 7.30 to 10pm every third Tuesday of the month, when members can listen to the results of monthly competitions and hear inspirational speakers talk about their work. We hope in future to meet once or twice a year in the UK.  Members receive BSoUP’s superb magazine ‘in focus’ two or three times a year, with members’ articles and images plus tips and techniques, news of events, meetings and competition winners.

Whether you are already an accomplished underwater photographer, whether you have just bought your first underwater camera, or whether you are somewhere in between, BSoUP is for photographers of all levels of skill and experience and with all types of camera.

We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to come along to a BSoUP meeting – and to keep on coming, so we transmit our meetings live to members using easy-to-use software that lets you see the presentations live and interact with those in London.  The purpose of this page is to help you find us more easily; to give you an idea of what we do; and to find out how joining BSoUP can help you to improve your underwater photography.

Where and how to find us

BSoUP meets on the third Tuesday each month and due to the pandemic stopped meeting in London.  We send members a calling notice with a link to join in on line.  When conditions for meetings improve, we will still have a backbone of on line meetings but seek to get together once or twice a year somewhere in the UK. Wherever those meetings take place, they will still be streamed on line to all members that wish to join in.

Someone to help new members

The idea of just joining even a virtual room full of people you don’t know can be daunting for many of us. To overcome this, the membership chairman will welcome new members at the beginning of a meeting.  This provides a possibility (but not a requirement) to introduce yourself and say what you wish to get out of BSoUP.

If you have any questions before you come, feel free to contact any committee member through the contact page on this web site.  The constitution page has a list of committee members.

Improve your underwater photography

At the monthly meetings you will be able to learn from talks on different techniques, as well as be inspired by presentations from other underwater photographers talking about what they do and showing their images. Take a look at this year’s programme of speakers/ events to see the format, topics and speakers. There is also time to interact informally for about 30mins prior to and after each meeting.

We hold a monthly photo competition. Whether you enter it or not, seeing the competition is a great opportunity to get an idea of what makes a good underwater image – and to see how your own images measure up against the rest. Competition subjects for this year are listed on the competitions pages.

Most important of all, you will meet other underwater photographers at BSoUP meetings. During the social time you can talk to others about techniques and ‘how to do it’, equipment and how to use it, places to go and what to see there, and find out what’s hot and what’s not!

Attending as regularly as you can and taking part in competitions and other activities will help you learn more, be  inspired and get to know more people in the community.

If you wish to contact a specific member of the BSoUP committee, please follow this link for details.